Manufacturing - Pioneer Dredge
Pioneer Dredge brings state of the art manufacturing at our 100,000 square foot partner facility in Nashville, TN.

Manufacturing Features include:
  • In house construction of all major dredge components for complete control of quality and schedule
  • Skilled Workforce experienced in marine construction with Certified Welders
  • 25 Ton and 30 Ton Overhead Cranes
  • Sandblasting and Painting
  • Large facility in Nashville, Tennessee provides nearly unlimited construction capacity.
  • Mobile crews to assemble, disassemble, and relocate dredges anywhere in the world
At Pioneer Dredge our motto is "Engineering First."  This means we "match the machine to the mission."  Our goal is to provide you with a Dredge that meets or exceeds your needs and expectations for the project you start with, and many projects in the future.  Every Engineered Dredge application includes the following steps:

  • Assess the deposit to be dug and develop appropriate cutter size, speed and power
  • Calculate the production required, and perform the hydraulic flow calculations
  • Select the Pump to deliver the volume of material and the distance needed
  • Match the Prime mover, whether diesel or electric, to the pump for optimal performance
  • Assemble all of the machinery and equipment in the appropriate Hull and Sponson package to provide neutral trim, excellent trim, generous freeboard, and a stable, reliable machine
Pioneer Dredge