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Cutterhead Assembly & Parts
Cutterhead Cutterhead Cutterhead Cutterhead
Pioneer Dredge offers New Cutter Heads and parts inventory including:
  • Cutterhead Assembly
    Standard or custom sizes and configurations available.

  • Back Ring,
    Standard sizes, measured at the Inside Diameter of the Back Ring, include 26", 31-1/2", 38", 43", and 52"

  • Edges
    Standard Styles include 4, 5 or 6 blade, smooth, serrated or chisel point edges.

  • Blades
    Heavy duty cast iron blades are precision mounted on our fixtures to match your exact setup height.  Cutter styles using 4, 5 or 6 blades available.

  • Hubs
    Precision cast hubs are available in standard tapered bore sizes, or custom machined to your unit.  Standard shaft sizes are within a range of 26" ID to 52"ID with shaft diameters of 3" - 7"
With a large parts inventory, we can provide the quick delivery to keep you digging.

Cutter Head Modification

Pioneer Dredge can modify your Cutter Head at our state-of-the art facility in Nashville.  How?

Let Pioneer take your worn out cutter head, remove the worn edges, blades, or even back ring and install new at reduced cost.
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